Samui Marvel Construction

Koh Samui Construction services for villas, apartments, hotels, and resorts on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. From careful and detailed project planning, Samui Marvel Construction will assist you during the first stage of your Samui real estate villa project, from architecture and design, to getting the correct approval and starting construction. Regardless of the size of your project, we can assist you. If you are an investor or just want to build a single villa for your retirement, we understand the complexity of doing any sort of Koh Samui construction far from your home country. We will make you feel safe and confident that we can deliver any project on time and at the budgeted cost with no surprises..

Samui Building Construction

Turn Key solution for building your rela estate project on Koh Samui Thailand 

Samui Building Renovation

You have an existing villa that need full renovation, improvement and modernisation. 

Samui Land related Jobs

From Land cleaning, tree cutting, topographic survey, land contour , aerial maping

Samui Structural Work

You need structaural work, only the heavy job and want to complet your villa alone . No issue we can deliver.

Samui Painting & Exterior

We have specilized team to paint buildings, villas, condos, indoor and outdoor. 

Samui Project Management

We will project manage all our construction just like an outsourced source . This is the primalary concept of our services. 


Free consultancy

We help you through the process of building with a local company. Following you’re project and coordinating on the ground.


Open Bill of quantity

  All aspect of the construction pricing is open and disclosed and explained, labor and material price. You can start with the piece of mind that no extra cost will be added. 


Personalized project management

We work for you and with you. Overseing all aspect of your project, prior during and at completion. Koh Samui project management 


Material flexibility

If you have some specific finishing material tiles, sanitary, doors or kitchen, that you have found elsewere out of the island and might be cheaper, you can buy them and we will just charge the labor.


Smart home solution

With our dedicated local partner we can provid Smart Home & Home Automation solutions. From lights and control system, entire surround sound system solutions for living rooms to dedicated smart home cinema, automation CCTV Surveillance and fire alarm system, smart home automation app control directly from your phone anywhere in the world.

We currently have four Koh Samui construction theme.

Samui General Contracting

Your design has been conceptualized, you can tender your project with us and within 15 days we will submit a B.O.Q with labor and material cost. Most variable on a quality villa are the material selection, depending on them average cost per Sq.m can fluctuate                                                                                                     .

Samui Design and Built

We provides under one single roof and contract, design & architecture combined with construction and project management services. One single communication systme for all your project requirement easy planning from the conception to construction start, for a fast  delivery.

Samui Project Infrastructure

We deliver infrastrcuture to real estate project. In need of roads, retaining walls, earth work, electricity and water deep wells, water tanks. We can deliver

Total Turn Key solution

Your want to built your villa on Koh Samui but have no land, no problem we can find it for you by our land search services and then we combine a design and built solution. You can briwn for some land on our deidicated website.

Get Free Consultation

Land sourcing

Land plot research in specifique location, construction feasability, assistance of land transaction. Visit our dedicated website 

Project conception

According to your budget we asssite you on the feasability of your development, and make sur eit is profitable

Constrcution management 

We oversee the planning, design, and construction of your project, from its beginning to its end

Investment forcast

Full scope anayse of your project cost and returns from land to construction and even rental returns. You can also visit our dedicated website

We’ve Been working and Building together for Over 12 years

We have had a close working relationship with the managing director of what is now PATUM ASIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED, Koh Samui construction company, our Thai local partner, since 2006.We have since then built a trustful relationship between our companies. This partnership allows a better work force to scale up or down according to yearly contracts. Through this new website, we hope to facilitate foreign clients’ building requirements to higher standards of communication, time frame, quality, peace of mind, and financial cost. Samui Marvel Construction is the extension of our Koh Samui land sales services. We are your personal link to a direct local Thai construction company, so from the start of your project you will have all the skills needed for a successful endeavor. From land to topographic contours to architecture and Koh Samui construction services.

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