Samui Land Survey

Samui Topographic and boundary

In need of a boundary mesurment or topographic survey of your land.  We provide Samui land survey services. Fast and precise.  You may be thinking of buying a plot of land, want to make sure of the slopes and topographic to better assess your project, this is what you need.

Koh Samui land surveying

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Samui Land survey. 

A Koh Samui land survey is highly recommended before buying or building on a plot of land. Surveying the plot helps you to determinate the levels but also protects you against posible lwsuit if you encroch on the neigboring land. Also with the current Koh Samui building regulation you need to make sure at what level your land is in order to designt it the way it should be and in accordance with the local law. 

The Samui topographic survel will a help you on a map all the featires of the landm , slopes and trees , large rocks water streems for example, Once we have collected all the data a three dimensional map will be edited.

Koh Samui land survey are used for : 

  1. Land boundary checks 
  2. Land plot subdivision
  3. Land plot title deed upgrades
  4. Architecture planning and design 
  5. Villa construction 

Below a few example of Koh Samu land survey